let's fall in love.

Those butterflies, and flushed cheeks the first time he flirts with you.

Oh, there daddy, daddy now you ripped my furOh, baby, baby be sweatin’ on my hairTook 45 minutes to get all dressed upAnd we ain’t even gonna make it to this club.

Oh, there daddy, daddy now you ripped my fur
Oh, baby, baby be sweatin’ on my hair
Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up
And we ain’t even gonna make it to this club.

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this is going to sound cheesy as fuck but here goes, if I played D&D I’d play a thief and steal your heart.

—All a nerdy girl ever wanted to hear.

I’ve learnt a vital thing recently.

I’ve learnt a vital thing recently.

ahahahah I just died.

ahahahah I just died.

on a scale of one to johnny cash driving his lawn mower to the beer store… how drunk were you exactly?

Contain your boners, guys.

September 14, 2014.

Today I burnt all the letters he ever wrote to me. With the paper, all the negativity and dying hope that we would reconcile burnt with it. I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders, It was empowering. Tomorrow I will continue with smudging and ask the creator to watch over me, and give me strength to face another tomorrow. I do not wish for this to stain upon my soul, like my other break up did. It’s finally all over.

When you’re in class on tumblr and you look up after awhile and have to ask “What’s even going on right now”

The last thing I’ll ever say to you.

If you even looked beyond that one post, you’d find our history completely laid out for you. The moment I fell in love with you, till the moment I started having doubts. It was almost beautiful, but now its destroyed and I’ve deleted any trace of you in my life. If you were rational and saw that at the moment I was weak, and hurting you would have had the initiative to call and work things out. But you acted before you could think it through, and in the process have completely lost me. I’m not giving you the power to hurt me like that ever again. Today, I’m moving on. I’m surrounding myself with friends and I’m going to start my search for something we never could achieve, real love. I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for, and I hope she meets all of your ‘credentials’. I’m not going to explain myself and I’m not going to shrink myself and coward in the thought of you. You played a role in my life, but sometimes love stories aren’t meant to be epic love tales; just a short novella, but nontheless I’ve learned from it. Goodbye.

brian886 asked: Your posts are absolutely amazing, Whats ur frankly.me username. I want more of you.

No idea what that is, sorry amigo.

I stopped thinking you were the one, when I realized I wasn’t yours.